Windows Installation

Windows Installation

We carry out all types of Window Installation (Double Glazing, triple glazing for windows such as UPVC). We offer an  upgrade of your existing windows to A Rated Energy Efficiency modern standards. We are happy to carry out County Council grant work and are fully compliant.

  • Anthony John Windows & Doors service the domestic, commercial and hospitality sectors.
  • We offer exceptional service and support to choose the right windows to suit your building design.
  • Window replacement is one of the best ways to improve your home’s value, add comfort, and reduce your energy costs.


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Window installation in recent times often involves double glazed windows and treble glazed windows. This is as a result of the benefits these windows confer on the buildings they are fitted on.

Double-glazed windows are usually packed in three parts. This includes the sill, the glass, and the frame. A triple glazed window consists of two to three layers of glass. In between these glasses, there is a film of low emissivity suspended. Most triple glazed windows are of high insulation performance. Double glazing window installation comprises of a couple of steps. These include the careful removal of existing windows and carefully inserting the new windows.

Take a careful look at the vertical damp proof courses to ensure that you don’t pull them out with the old frame. If you accidentally pull them out, slide them back into position. Double glazed windows are more likely to come with trickle vents at the top part of their frames. The function of these vents is to allow the build-up of warm air in the window recess to escape instead of condensing against the window frame and glass.

As the frame and sill are separate parts of the window before the double glazing window installation, the sill is usually longer than the frame. So, the sill will have to be cut to fit the frame size. Also, the sill is packed with caps that are to be fitted at the ends of the sills. Sometimes, the glue to use comes with the package but in most situations, you would have to get the glue yourself.

Window Installation

Window installation can add beauty and value to your home

This window installation is started by placing the sill on a platform. The frame is then seated on the sill. In between the frame and the sill is a bead of silicone. There will naturally be a gap between the top of the sill and the frame’s bottom front edge. You shouldn’t seal this gap. Also, you’ll find drainage holes at the bottom of the frame.

Water that gets leaked into the frame is drained away by these holes and eventually run off the sill. Once the fixing holes are drilled when the beads are out, you can put the frame in and square it up inside the opening. To get this done properly, you can request for different plastic spacers to come with your window.

At this stage, you want to drill through the frame and wall. So, choose a solid area of the wall and countersink the fixing holes gently. Note that the PVC section here is not strong so, be careful as you only just want to get some of the fixing loose. At this stage, you should insert the screwed and push in the plug. Tap the screen further in with a hammer

Benefits of installing double/triple glazed windows

As a form of major home improvement, window installation comes with its cost. As a homeowner, you must be wondering if it is worth the cost. Below is a list of factors to consider when splashing on treble glazing window installation or double glazing window installation.

1. Comfort

With older windows, drafts and cold air often get in the house and tend to make people uncomfortable. Also, this contributes to an increase in the energy cost of the house as a lot of heat is lost through these windows. Installing double or triple glazed windows will make your warmer and comfier in your home.

2. Condensation

Continuous condensation is a serious problem many households face as it usually leads to the growth of mold across the walls and surfaces of the home. The build-up of mold causes the rotting of furniture also. This can be expensive to repair when carrying out maintenance of the house.

3. Insulation

Old windows are not great at house reduction. In an environment where you have annoyingly noisy neighbors, these windows will make it harder for you to relax in peace and enjoy some quiet time. Double/Triple glazed glasses neatly eliminate this problem. They have a great sound insulation system that filters out the noise.

4. Security

New windows come with great security benefits. They help you reduce the risk of having your home broken into. Potential intruders are more likely to go after a house with weaker and older windows than go after a stronger and newer reinforced window.

5. Aesthetics

Treble glass glazing window installation confers a modern outlook on your home. This is one of the major benefits of upgrading your windows. You will get to have a home with a modern look and taste. This also increases the value of your property as modern homes sell higher.

6. Durability

Unlike traditional home windows, these windows last a long period. They are more durable than single pane glasses and are easier to clean and maintain.

We also offer a 10 Year Warranty on all window systems installed by Anthony John Windows and Doors.


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