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Door styles include:

  • uPVC Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • French Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Stable Doors
  • Lift & Slide Doors
  • Shop Fronts
  • Commercial Doors

uPVC Or Composite Doors

When it comes to modern residential doors, the composite door is the latest type in town. Composite doors rose to popularity due to the problems logged against the other traditional door types. Problems encountered with traditional doors arose mainly because singular materials are used in the construction of these doors.

To the rescue comes composite doors. Unlike the traditional doors, the construction of these doors uses a combination of materials ranging from PVC to steel, hardwood and other durable materials. This combination results in a strong door that doesn’t have the flaws previously found in unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) and timber doors.

These doors are also constructed with a standard in mind. The production of this door type is monitored by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Any composite door that is approved must also be compliant with ‘Secured by Design’, the official UK Police flagship initiative. These conditions are in place to ensure that you get the best quality doors and stay safe.


This is a factor that determine composite doors price. The design of these doors is not static. You can easily get a customized composite door galway for yourself depending on the amount of money you have.

Composite doors are designed to have the appearance of a wooden door without any of its weaknesses. Due to the combination of materials used during its construction, this door doesn’t get discolored or fade with time. It doesn’t need any form of high-cost maintenance. Wiping the door with a damp cloth is enough to remove the dirt and grime that might accumulate on the door.

As the newest doors in the market, these doors design took into consideration the flaws of singular material door and are made to show very high resistance to these flaws. A perfect example is the higher thermal resistance exhibited by these doors. Also, composite doors exhibit higher resistance to seasonal changes and weathering when compared to singular material doors.

Composite Doors

Why You Should Opt For Composite Front Doors?

To start with, these doors are energy efficient. They help reduce the energy cost around the home. The doors are designed with high-density foam insulation which effectively contributes to maintaining the heat inside the building. Also, this foam helps in wiping out draughts and cutting heating bills.

Composite front doors offer better security than their traditional counterparts. A typical composite door is designed with cylinder guards and stainless steel hinges and locks. As a resident of a house using this door type, your safety and security are significantly higher than other people’s. These doors are more durable than the other door types. What makes them more endearing is the fact that they can be maintained easily and without stress. Composite door galway are therefore, easy to use by everyone.

How Much Does a Composite Door Cost?

This is the question that comes into the mind of many people when they want to get this door type. In this article, we will lead you through the nuances contributing to the price of this door. You will know how different features contribute to the final cost of your composite doors. Composite doors price is determined by a lot of factors that will be discussed in this article. In the event that you opt for composite door galway, this article is a great guide to help you determine the price and get the correct value for your money.

The first information you should have is that there is no fixed price for this door type. With numerous customizable options available to each customer, the price of these doors might vary from one person to another.

When going for your door purchase, factors to consider include the frame style, the style of the door and the color. When it comes to door style, this factor influences the prices of the door to fall in between the range of £400 to £600. What contributes to this variation in price is the number of panels inserted in the door. The main reason for this price variation is the number of panels that are included in the front door.

Are Composite Doors Worth the Cost?

While composite doors may be more expensive than other traditional front doors, you should bear in mind that their performance greatly outweighs these traditional doors and they provide you comforts the other doors can’t.

While most traditional door types can be extremely secure, composite doors will provide the highest level of security you can get. The frame makes the door infallible. Upon contact with Intruders, the door will stay in place. However, the glass might shatter but it won’t fall out of position.

In conclusion, you can always get a quote for your composite door galway online and get it installed without stress. Bear in mind the factors that might contribute to your final cost though.